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Thomas Nametags“Thomas Name Tags” was founded in 1985 to provide the military community a place where every member of the United States Military could get their name tags made to specifications. It was founded by a veteran and her active duty husband.

We began simply by making fatigue name strips for US Air Force personnel, by hand in the basement. The tags made by “Thomas Name Tags,” and the business, made their way around the country following each successive Permanent Change of Station assignment. Finally, “Thomas Name Tags” made its way to and settled in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the early ’80’s. Once here “Thomas Name Tags” began to expand to include other types of tags. The United States Army organizations at Fort Carson, the training squadrons at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) and many High School Reserve training Officer Corps(ROTC) Detachments at area High Schools needed support; so we quickly began to broaden our inventory to include Army and Reserve Training Officer Corps and USAFA Squadron requirements.